Thursday, April 19, 2012

What is the Dollar Bin, and who is "Dollar Ben"?

I am Dollar Ben, VHSquire.  I have a passion for VHS and vinyl, most specifically from the 1980s.  These media are overwhelmingly abundant oceans of content that I peruse looking for rare gems of funkiness and cheesiness.  I will be delighting and/or repulsing you with the fruits of this perpetual labor of love.  You will be welcomed into my YouTube, where I will be reviewing VHS flicks and providing clips and trailers to enjoy.  I will also provide links to music I love, mostly 80s boogie funk tracks.  Your feedback will be greatly appreciated as I try to bring the best of the worst of what the decade of decadence gave humankind, forever burned into vinyl discs and video cassettes.  Check it out!!

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